Art Walks – Downtown Duluth 

IN PERSON & VIRTUAL TOURS OF Downtown art galleries, studios, and arts businesses | 2018-2020.   

 Final Fridays in-person Art Walks

                 sept28  DDAC | September 28, 2018

                                    VENUES THAT PARTICIPATED IN SEPTEMBER 2018 ARTS WALK

                                     👉315 Gallery at the Washington Co-op (315 N Lake Avenue)

                                     👉AICHO galleries AICHO Galleries / Dr. Robert Powless Cultural Center / Indigenous First Art & Gifts (202 W 2nd Street)                                                   
                                        ARTISTS: Karen Savage, “Northland Southland” exhibit by Rodrigo Bell, “2nd Annual Natural Hair Symposium: Celebrating                                                the beauty of Naptural Hair” presented by Project Naptural, curated by Theresa Moses!

                                    👉Art in the Alley (230 E Superior Street)
                                        Work by fabric artist Mo Mahle, featuring her up-cycled clothing and purse collection! 👉 ART SUPPLY DRIVE DROP OFF SITE

                                   👉Blush (18 N 1st Ave W) *open late night too!
                                      “Paintings by Emily Koch”, music by YYY, 26 BATS, Ingeborg Von Agassiz 

                                 👉 Dubh Linn (109 W Superior St)
                                      Show of Photography works by Bre Berini!

                                 👉Duluth Art Institute (DAI) (506 W Michigan Street)
                                     3 SHOWS! “Amanda Breitbach: Land/People”, “Aaron Squadroni: Mesabi Land Portraits”, “Nik Nerburn: Nik Nerburn is a                                                     Camera”!

                               👉Duluth Coffee Company (105 E Superior St)
                                   Work by Kelly Dupre!

                              👉Joseph Nease Gallery (23 W 1st Street)
                                 LAST CHANCE! “James Brinsfield – A Twenty Year Retrospective”, “Transitions – Color + Space, smaller works by Warren Rosser”                                   *ART SUPPLY DRIVE DROP OFF SITE

                              👉Kirsten Aune Textiles (134 W 1st Street, in Magic Smelt Ship shop, second door to the west)
                                  WORKING ARTIST’S STUDIO! Original, vibrant hand painted textiles and designs!

                              👉Legacy Glassworks (32 W First Street)

                             👉Lizzard’s Gallery (11 W Superior Street)
                                 Sneak preview – night of the Arts Walk Only! Work by Scott Murphy and Robin Murphy, official opening in October, 2018.

                            👉Mavis. Designer Showroom (19 N Lake Avenue)
                               Artwork from Tara Lynn Austin, along our modern furniture samples in our design studio!

                           👉Nordic Center (23 N Lake Avenue)
                               Featured watercolors by Rosemary Guttormsson and photographs by Ryan Tischer, inspired by Iceland.

                          👉Pineapple Arts store (124 W 1st Street)
                               Hands-on arts making activities facilitated by UMD Education Students! *ART SUPPLY DRIVE DROP OFF SITE

                          👉Prøve (21 N Lake Avenue)
                              LAST CHANCE! “Minnesota Nice” by Carla Hamilton, closing reception!

                          👉The Rathskellar (208 E 1st Street) *open late night too!
                               (132 E. Superior St, Corner of Michigan Street and 2nd Avenue East, under the red light)

                          👉The Red Herring (208 E 1st Street) *open late night too!
                              “Mythropology: The Year of Painting” by Zoey Cohen Leege, music by Cascade Crescendo and Trevor James

                          👉 Rockingchair Studio (120 W. 1st Street)
                               Featuring abstract / figurative paintings by Vicky Lehman!

                          👉Studio 101 (101 E. Michigan St)
                              WORKING ARTIST’S STUDIO! Portrait and Landscape Work by Dorothea Diver, Goran Hellekant, Constance Johnston, Cot LaFond,                                    Dale Lucas and Larry Turbes.

                          👉The Tight Squeek Press (128 W. 1st Street, Suite B)  

                          👉Tischer Photographic Gallery (5 W Superior Street)

                         👉Zeitgeist Arts (222 East Superior Street)
                             LAST CHANCE! “DS Pride Art Exhibition”!   **ART SUPPLY DRIVE DROP OFF SITE

                  48394783_377529783003862_2147224743076429824_n  DDAC | December 21, 2018

                                    Hands-on arts making activities at The Tight Squeek Press and Pineapple Arts Store. Opening receptions and New Exhibits at                                              Tischer Photographic Gallery and Wagner Zaun Architecture. Artist Talks for New Exhibits at Joseph Nease Gallery (6pm) and the                                      Nordic Center where Justin Anderson presents “Viking Ships, Nordlands Boats, Wool Sails” (7pm). New art exhibits/featured                                                artists at: AICHO Galleries, Art in the Alley, Blush, Duluth Coffee Company, Duluth Fine Pianos, Lizzard’s Gallery, Pineapple Art                                          Store, The Red Herring, and Zeitgeist Arts. Last chance to see exhibits at: 315 Gallery, and Duluth Art Institute (DAI). Open Artist                                        studios: Kirsten Aune Textiles, Alison Aune Studio, Rockingchair Studio, Studio 101. Live Music: Boofest at The Red Herring, and                                        Dubh Linn (along with an on-going photography exhibition)! On-going exhibitions at The Ratheskeller, and Legacy Glassworks.                                                                                                                                                                     


                  DDAW_arts_industry_logo_print_primary_all_color_text_black              Summer 2020

                                    View art and highlights from Downtown Duluth’s Art Galleries, Studios & Businesses posted live on our FB & Insta! Take the                                                Virtual Arts Walk & See: Original video footage from Kirsten Aune Studio, Carla Hamilton, and the Nordic Center; new work from                                      Tischer Photographic Gallery, colorful glass and wall art from Legacy Glassworks, and shows from all three of DAI’s galleries                                             +more.

                                   Participating Arts Venues & Artists:
                                   Joseph Nease Gallery
                                  315 Gallery
                                  Duluth Art Institute
                                  Legacy Glassworks
                                  Blackbird Revolt
                                  Tischer Photographic Gallery
                                  Lizzard’s Art Gallery
                                  Kirsten Aune Studio
                                  The Nordic Center
                                  Carla Hamilton
                                  AICHO Indigenous First Art & Gift Shop

                                 Videos & posts featured music by Emanuel Eisele, Laura Sellner, and Leif Hinkel!
                                  [link to videos, social arts walk content]

Arts Industry Social Hours


A space for the Duluth arts community to brainstorm about strategies, tools, and insights that might help individual artists, arts organizations and businesses to find new ways to support their art-making pursuits during the complex and challenging year 2020. These discussions feature a diversity of viewpoints from some of the many dynamic and innovative artists in our community.


         Panel 1: Led by artists Moira Villiard, Adam Swanson, and Ryan Tischer

                    JUNE 30, 2020 | Moderated by artist and gallerist Amanda McElray Hunter

                    The panel explored what it meant to be an artist in 2020; sharing their ideas on exhibiting work virtually, staying connected with                                      audience, and embracing community. An interactive Zoom event. [Video highlights] [Artist bios]   


         Panel 2: Led by artists & creative professionals Carla Hamilton, Jazmin           Wong, & Drew Digby

                     JULY 31, 2020 | Moderated by writer and UMD instructor Faith King

                    Panelists Carla Hamilton (visual artist), Jazmin Wong (musician and coordinator of Indigenous First Arts & Gifts shop at AICHO), Drew                          Digby (Executive Director of Arrowhead Regional Arts Council) discussed their recent work in the local arts scene, innovative                                                exhibiting and selling ideas during the pandemic, and what we can expect in the arts-funding landscape moving forward.



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          Panel 3: Led by artists & zinesters Terresa Moses and Jordon Moses of              Blackbird Revolt; and Flo Matamoros and Dr. Jamie L. Ratliff of Prøve              Gallery and Collective

                      AUGUST 11, 2020 | Facilitated by Dr. Jamie L. Ratliff

                      The panel hosts discussed their artwork, curatorial projects, and activism in the community, as well as local zines they have created and                        facilitated, and thoughts about the uprising. 

           Panelist Bios 

                      Terresa and Jordon Moses of Blackbird Revolt shared excerpts of their recent project, “Après Zine,” an invaluable and beautifully                                    designed resource for the anti-racism movement in our community. Jordon Moses is the Visionary Director at Blackbird Revolt and the                        creator of All Black Zine. Terresa Moses is the Creative Director at Blackbird Revolt and an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and                              Director of the Diversity Network at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. She is the creator of Project Naptural and co-                                    collaborator of Racism Untaught.

                       Flo Matamoros, Director and Curator, Prøve Collective. Illustrator Matamoros has a BA in Art from the College of St. Scholastica, where                         they studied with local artist Sarah Brokke. As an artist, Matamoros has participated in regional art exhibitions, both group and solo, at                         Prøve, the Duluth Art Institute, Gallery 315, Washington Studio Artist Cooperative, the Womyn’s Art Fair, AICHO Galleries, and                                           Amazing Grace Bakery. They have curating and gallery experience at Prove, the Duluth Art Institute, and at the former Washington                                   Studio Artist Cooperative. Their artist zines can be found in the Zine Library and at Prøve Gallery, where they are also available for                                     purchase.

                       Jamie Ratliff, Board Member, Prøve Collective. Dr. Jamie L. Ratliff is an Assistant Professor of Art History in the department of Art &                               Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth, where she teaches classes on Contemporary, Non-Western, and Latin American Art.                                   Ratliff holds a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Louisville. Her research interests broadly focus on gender and art,                                                   representations of women, and social justice and protest in Latin America. Her curatorial experience includes the co-curated exhibition                         Reframing Ophelia at the Tweed Museum of Art and Un-Typing Casta, the work of Minneapolis-based Mexican-American                                                     contemporary artist Maria Cristina Tavera. At Prøve Gallery, Ratliff contributes to communications, grant-writing, fundraising, and                               curatorial efforts.

                      [These activities were made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, thanks to                                   appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature’s general and arts and cultural heritage funds.]


Creative Partnerships in our Community

          AS4KArt Supplies 4 Kids (AS4K) Drive | 2018 – 2019

                       The Downtown Duluth Arts Collective (DDAC) partnered with Art for Ed’s Sake (A4ES) to collect and raise money for art supplies to                                 benefit Duluth Public School students in their art classes throughout the school year. 

                       Donations of physical art supplies were dropped off at the following Arts Walk locations during the month of August: 315 Gallery,                                       AICHO Galleries, AROLA Architecture, Blush, CF Design, Duluth Art Institute, Duluth Coffee Co, Duluth Fine Pianos, Joseph Nease                                       Gallery, Legacy Glassworks, Lizzard’s Gallery, Prøve Gallery, Pineapple Arts Store and Studio, The Tight Squeek Press, Tischer                                             Photographic Gallery, Wagner Zaun Architecture, and Zeitgeist Arts. Financial donations were also accepted  – allowing teachers to                                 purchase needed supplies in bulk for distribution to arts classes 

                       As both artists and supporters of the arts community, the Downtown Duluth Arts Collective wanted to help teachers and students get                             the supplies they need to teach, learn and create! 

                       A4ES is the local nonprofit created by public school visual arts educators to raise funds to further support art education and visual                                     literacy for students in Grades K through 12. In addition to the supply drive, A4ES hosts a yearly benefit to support K-12 visual and                                     media arts education, and is instrumental in producing the Annual Duluth Public Schools Student Art Exhibition at Miller Hill Mall.                                   ArtSupplyDrive

                      SEPTEMBER 2018 👉 ART Supply Drive benefitting Art 4 Ed’s Sake/Duluth Public Schools! Come out and support Duluth’s youngest and                        FUTURE artists! Link for more info:


Member Venues –

Project Highlights | 2018 – 2020


                        58374782_647775535652064_3397261578574233600_o    AICHO

                        img085-726x1024   NORDIC CENTER

                        54206271_624069331356018_11847302213795840_o    AICHO

                        54400010_429283391161834_6399784541313040384_n      NORDIC CENTER    

                        54433379_429283414495165_5294546068569063424_n     PROVE | 2019

                                                 WTF! were exhibitions of thought-provoking works of art that advocate for social justice, community action, and civic                                                             engagement centered on Women’s Rights and related concerns. Wide-ranging in form from traditional media such as                                                             painting, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture to quilting, clothing, photography, embroidery, installation, illustration,                                                         graphic design, and protest materials, the purpose of this exhibit was to commemorate International Women’s Day by                                                             bringing visual awareness to feminist issues. 

                        ThruOurEyes2019posterWEB  AICHO | 2018


                       holiday-art-fri  Tight Squeek Press  

                                                                                      Alison Aune Studio | 2018

                        Red Herring | 2018

                                                Chris Homan Watercolor Paintings / Art Opening at The Red Herring LoungeFeaturing music by Moriah Skye and catering                                                    by Martha’s Daughter!  In collaboration with the Downtown Arts Walk.