“Ethics and Masks” is a segment from “Masking”, an experimental documentary by Joellyn Rock, created during the evolving pandemic in June 2020. This segment features a short interview with Alexis Elder, Associate Professor of Philosophy, who researches Ethics and Technology. In her free time, Dr. Elder knits, crafts, and uses her skills to make masks when a pandemic calls. Improvised Dance by Kristen Hylenski and Kayla Schiltgen. Music by JJ Sivak. The longer documentary draws from historical imagery of plague and pandemic masks, theatrical and ritual masques, protective masks designed for science and medical use, and homespun mask-making rising to meet the supply demands of the Covid-19 crisis. Other “Masking” interviews include: Mary Plaster, mixed-media artist of masks and giant ritual puppets, Sasha Howell, costume designer turned covid mask-maker, and Kirsten Aune, textile artist of hand-printed fabric and custom cloth masks.